Project Description

Enfants et Dévéloppement seeks to develop partnerships with local stakeholders in order to promote, support and facilitate access to basic quality services for children, for the youth and for disadvantaged families while paying special attention to girls and women.

The project: The project presented to Giving Women seeks to reduce all forms of violence against women (phyisical, psychological and economic) in Dhading, Nepal, using strategies to influence men and the youth in order to change their behavior with women.
Being at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquakes, the project priorities shifted in response to baseline feedback emphasising the need to support improved access to education, literacy and economic empowerment for women.

How GW gives: The project has adapted to the local realities following the earthquake, and E&D requests support articulating the new strategy, creating new programme management and eventually Monitoring and Evaluation tools to reflect it. Some of the economic empowerment activities could benefit from marketing and communications support as well.


Location Dhading District, Nepal
Founded 1901, but in Nepal since 2001

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